What’s finest time to drink water – earlier than, throughout or after meal? Discover out!

It’s well-known that the physique wants 8 glasses of water to operate correctly every day. A wholesome life-style is essentially depending on consuming sufficient water each day. Not solely does it preserve you hydrated, but it surely additionally helps necessary inside processes together with eradicating toxins from the physique, producing saliva, and delivering vitamins to varied physique components.

In case you do not drink sufficient water, you threat the hazard of growing well being points like dehydration, UTIs, joint and muscle ache, and many others. However do you know that it is not solely about getting sufficient water; it is also essential to drink it on the proper time?

Some folks advocate consuming water after a meal, whereas others advise doing so first. In accordance with Ayurvedic consultants, water ought to be consumed both half-hour earlier than or 60 minutes after consuming a meal. Health consultants stress by no means consuming water throughout a meal, doing so can hamper your abdomen’s digestive powers and trigger your insulin ranges to fluctuate.

What’s the optimum time to drink water?

1. If you get up

As an alternative of getting mattress tea or espresso drink water whenever you get up. To assist your inside organs get going after waking up, drink one glass of water. Earlier than your first meal of the day, the water will assist in the elimination of any toxins.

2. Earlier than a meal

To assist in digestion, sip a glass of water half-hour earlier than a meal. Take into account that consuming water too quickly earlier than or proper after a meal will dilute the digestive fluids making the absorption of vitamins tough.

3. Earlier than a shower

Earlier than having a shower, consuming water can assist cut back your blood strain.

4. Earlier than sleep

Ingesting water an hour earlier than going to mattress to make up for any fluid loss that may occur all through the evening.

Tricks to make a water consuming behavior

– Purchase a 1-litre water bottle for an correct thought of how a lot water is being consumed.

– Add lemon slices or cucumber slices every now and then to your water for a change and for that extra cleansing.

– Preserve water by your bedside for higher reinforcement of the behavior.

– Strive water-drinking challenges with siblings or mates.


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Ingesting water may help cut back fatigue and different undesirable signs as a result of dehydration could be the main issue within the mid-afternoon vitality dip.

(Disclaimer: The article is predicated on basic data. Zee Information doesn’t verify this.)

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