How To Stop Bhindi From Turning Sticky – Straightforward Hacks

Okra (bhindi) is among the most versatile greens that’s accessible all 12 months. Bhindi is extensively utilized in numerous Indian culinary preparations and can be loved as a standalone dish. Masala bhindi and bharwan (stuffed) bhindi are some frequent recipes that all of us like to devour. Nevertheless, have you ever seen whereas making ready it bhindi will get sticky and slimy. In case you have the identical subject each time you cook dinner bhindi, it is time to determine how you can get round it so you may get pleasure from your favorite sabzi. Have a look under.

Right here’re 4 Straightforward Hacks You Should Observe Earlier than Making Bhindi:

1. Use Acidic Substances

No, not the chemical selection, however the edible selection. As an example, curd, lemon, vinegar and extra. Including acidic components to your bhindi will assist to cut back stickiness. The acids in sure components react with the chemical compounds within the mucilage and assist of their breakdown, leading to much less residual sliminess within the last product.

2. Do not Cowl Whereas Cooking

Once more, the moisture subject. Overlaying your bhindi at any level in the course of the cooking course of promotes steam and thus mucilage. So, until it is necessary on your recipe, go away the lids off and let the bhindi breathe.

3. Add Salt In The Finish

Salt is one other frequent reason for slimy bhindi. It tends to leach into the vegetable and trigger much more sliminess if added in the course of the cooking course of. So, attempt to go away the salting till the very finish of the cooking time.

4. Use Besan

If you happen to’ve tried every little thing and nonetheless find yourself with a sticky mess, we carry you another approach. Add half a tablespoon of besan (gram flour) and fry the bhindi for a couple of minutes, stirring continuously, till the flour cooks out and the surplus stickiness is gone.

Check out these hacks and tell us how they labored for you within the feedback under.

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