Prince William making ‘big decisions’ with plans to ditch Queen’s mantra


Prince William is reportedly set to make some ‘big decisions’ about the monarchy’s future, with plans to ditch the Queen’s age-old mantra of ‘never complain, never explain’, a royal source told The Daily Mail.

According to reports, the Duke of Cambridge, who is celebrating his 40th birthday today, believes that the way to go forward with the monarchy is to be ‘vocal’ about issues that the institution faces.

In fact, he is said to already have begun making big moves, including blocking his uncle Prince Andrew’s return to royal life.

Talking about the same, a friend of William said: “People are simply not going to be happy with silence any more. The Queen’s approach has worked very well for her during a more deferential age, with different forms of communication.”

“But what William is working out is how to take the best of what his grandmother has done and make it relevant today.”

The insider further claimed: “William believes the monarchy needs to better explain its own thinking, particularly in terms of its place in the world.”

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