Do cannabis oils help relieve pain?


A customer holds up a piece of cannabis at the Highland Cafe, after it was removed from the narcotics list under Thai law, in Bangkok, Thailand, June 9, 2022. — Reuters 

A major study has shown that cannabis-based products that have become a £700 million-a-year business in the UK are not really effective and do not alleviate pain, The Daily Mail reported.

Cannabis-based products like oils, sprays, and ointments, which contain cannabidiol (CBD) have become very trendy in the last 10 years.

CBD is one of the main ingredients in cannabis. Explicit claims are not allowed but many advertisements imply that CBD has many health benefits including pain relief. 

A research study backed by the US government found little evidence to support the claim regarding CBD’s benefits. 

Author Professor Marian McDonagh said in the journal Annals Of Internal Medicine that due to constant advertisements, consumers may believe there is evidence about benefits and side effects.

“Unfortunately, there is very little scientifically valid research into most of these products.”

Dr Amir Englund, of the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience at King’s College London, said: “There is almost a complete lack of well-designed studies” of cannabis products for pain relief.

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