Ladies’ Day: The best outfits and hats at Royal Ascot 2022


It’s officially day three of Royal Ascot, and despite England being plunged into a heatwave, racegoers have still turned out in droves for Ladies’ Day.

The term for the third day of the races dates back to 1823, when an anonymous poet described Thursday at Ascot as “Ladies’ Day… when the women, like angels, look sweetly divine”.

While Ascot no longer refers to Thursday as Ladies’ Day, and there are no fashion competitions held on the day, it’s a term still used colloquially by racegoers, who have this year donned their boldest and brightest wares for the occasion.

Instead, the description of the day on the Royal Ascot website reads: “With thousands turning out to see the coveted Gold Cup prize contested, fashion and glamour reach their zenith and designer creations and millinery masterpieces take centre stage.”

The Queen, who is usually an Ascot staple, has yet to make an appearance at the races this year.

Instead, other royals like the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Anne, and Princess Beatrice have attended the race days so far.

Here are the best outfits from Royal Ascot’s 2022 Ladies’ Day.

Bright stripes


One racegoer matched her fuschia pink dress to her vibrant headwear, which saw feathered rainbow-coloured stripes sit atop a wide-brimmed hat.

Pretty in pastel


When in doubt, go for pastel hues. These Ascot visitors looked sunshine-y in their pastel yellow and violet dresses.

Wear your flag on your head


Not sure which nation you’re in? One racegoer will be reminding fellow Ascot attendees with her flag-covered headwear.

Prints and Midis


A midi dress is a staple of the races – and these attendees look stunning in their pastel blue, pink and patterned get-ups.

Purple power


Headgear is the main fashion focus of Ascot, and this floral headpiece is a show-stopper.



We love a same-hue look, and the pink looks stunning on this racegoer. The red and blue dress has a fun bird theme, including an avian-style hat and a bird cage.

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