Common Coronavirus Symptoms: Reportedly, THESE are the common symptoms seen in this COVID surge


As per a news report, cases of diarrhea and fever are commonly being seen in COVID patients in Maharashtra recently.

People are massively complaining of diarrhea during this phase of COVID infection. Diarrhea has been associated with COVID ever since the pandemic began. This infection which is thought to be a respiratory issue actually affects every body part. The intensity of the infection on other body organs depends on the virus receptor cells present in those organs.

Apart from diarrhea patients are also experiencing stomach cramps or pain in the abdomen region. This pain is often associated with diarrhea. Doctors have also said that people are experiencing nausea and vomiting due to the abdominal issues.

Fever is also another common symptom seen in patients. Fever as high as 105F is also seen in people.

Fever is a common way of the body to respond to an infection. Every pathogenic attack in the body is followed by fever. This is the body’s immune system reacting to the pathogen.

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