‘British monarchy will struggle to outlast Queen Elizabeth’


Debate on the British monarchy’s future continues after  Queen Elizabeth ‘s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

While many people believe that it will continue , some  experts have their doubts.

The British monarchy will struggle to outlast the Queen, said writer Petronella Wyatt.

According to Daily Mail, Wyatt’s father was the Queen Mother’s closest confidants.

He also asked whether the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was fond farewell to the monarchy.

“The Queen’s heirs can’t hold it together.Charles thinks he is leader of the opposition. William is petulant and their family petty squabbles are in the papers almost daily.”

The writer said this would not have happened under Prince Philip’s watch.

Commenting on his observations, senior royal biographer Angela Levin said, “I completely disagree with Patronella.I believe Prince Charles will make an excellent king not least because he cares so much about the people.William has the same sense of duty.”

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