Hailey Bieber says ‘I feel like people don’t take me seriously’


Hailey Bieber, in new interview, has talked about her struggle with imposter syndrome and how she creates order in her chaotic lifestyle.

The 25-year-old  supermodel revealed: ‘I feel grown-up in many ways and have been married for almost four years. I’m happier than I have ever been, but I still have moments where I feel very insecure and like I don’t belong anywhere,’ she explained about being unable to avoid imposter syndrome.

‘I feel like people don’t take me seriously, and this whole industry is very interesting. It feels like I’m living in a simulation sometimes.’

She continued: ‘After they did the heart procedure, I’m always the person who’s in a rush to get back to things, but this has taught me that it’s not physically possible sometimes.’

‘I was a dancer when I was a teenager, so my body has always just been in strong form,’ she added.

‘I love fitness, so the last couple of months have been a little hard for me because it’s such an important part of my routine and day,’ Justin Bieber’s sweet wife explained in her interview with Good Morning America.

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